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Whether you’re going hunting, heading out for some target practice at the range, or loading up for an emergency situation, it’s a good idea to keep your gear in a hard case. This ensures your guns, ammo, tools, and other equipment will make it to the destination safely. But all hard cases are not created equal — the best cases have organizational systems that can be configured to prevent gear from sliding around in transit. Most of the time, this means “pick and pluck” foam that can be cut or torn out to fit the outline of your gear, but that’s a one-way process. If you change your loadout after you cut the foam, you’ll need to buy new foam. Magpul recently announced a new modular rifle case organization system for Pelican, Plano, and other hard cases known as the Magpul DAKA Grid organizer.

The Magpul DAKA Grid case organizer consists of three pieces. It starts with a thin layer of bottom foam to provide cushioning, and tops this with a middle layer containing a grid of equidistant holes. Included sets of 10 double and 10 triple blocks can be inserted into these holes like pegs to create any layout you need. Best of all, they can be reconfigured in seconds if you want to change the layout.

Magpul says that additional expansion sets will be offered for the DAKA Grid in the future, including:

Angled blocks to fill atypical gaps
V blocks to support barrels, bows, fishing rods, and other narrow items
Tie-down straps to secure items onto the grid
Organizational containers for small items

Currently, the DAKA Grid system is only available for two gun cases, the Pelican Vault V730 and V800. However, Magpul’s announcement video mentions that models will also be available for the Pelican 1720 and 1750, the Plano AW2 42″ case, and a new DAKA rifle case manufactured by Magpul itself (coming soon). You can read more about the Magpul DAKA rifle case line, available in 35, 44, and 53-inch sizes, here.

MSRP for the DAKA Grid system is $140 for Vault V730, and $160 for Vault V800. Block expansion kits (6 additional double-blocks and 6 triple-blocks) will be $30, but they’re currently marked “coming soon.” The remaining case systems and accessories are expected to be available later in 2023. For more information, check out the video below or go to

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