MAGNIVIT Cotton Keffiyeh Tactical Desert Scarf Wrap Shemagh Head Neck Arab Scarf Coyote Brown

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How to wrap a shemagh around neck ?
[Step 1]Fold the shemagh into a triangle.Wrap it around the back
and over the top of your head, with the folded edge across your
forehead,making sure that about two-thirds of the material is on
your left.The right end ought to be long enough to come to your chest.
[Step 2]Use your left hand to pinch the shemagh about 3 or 4
inches from the folded edge and let the edge hang forward.
[Step 3]Let go of the right end.Using your left hand,hold the edge
of the shemagh next to your left cheek and hold it near your left
cheekbone.After you do this,use your right hand to pull the left end
of the shemagh across your face,over your nose.
[Step 4]Continue to wrap the shemagh around your face and head
until you get it back over your left shoulder.Grip the right tail and
hold it to keep from pulling the shemagh off your head as you wrap.
Work your hands down toward the ends as you wrap.
[Step 5]Pull the shemagh as tight as needed to feel comfortable.At
the end of the process,take both ends and,somewhere near your
right temple,tie them in a knot.A square knot will secure the
shemagh adequately.

About Scarf
1.Made of cotton and polyester,high quality woven material.
2.Thick material,net weight: 6.4oz.
3.Size: 43 x 43 inch
4.Arabian Pattern Design.Designed To Protect Head & Neck From
Sun,Sand & Wind.Tassels Attached To Ends Of Shemagh Scarf.
Folded & Wrapped In Various Styles Around The Head.
5.Extremely Fashionable & Popular.A Keffiyeh Is Also Known As A
Shemagh,Shemagh Or Yashmag,A Ghutra Or A Hatta,And Is A
Traditional Headdress Of Arab Men,Made Of A Square Of Cloth
(“Scarf”),Folded And Wrapped In Various Styles Around The Head.
6.Great for hunting,shooting,hiking,climbing,motorcycle and paintball game.

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